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Integrations with popular collaborative tools like Git and Sharepoint enable shared workflows, and one click import from Word enables teams to use the programs they feel comfortable with to produce content. In contrast, Document does one thing really well: enables you to create web-optimised, responsive, dynamic knowledge base websites with modern UX.

This means your team can focus on what it does best — producing content, not learning complex new technologies. The front-end design of Document uses Information Architecture best practices. Behind-the-scenes publishing capabilities also enable a collaborative authoring process. Choose different team member roles in Document in case you have users who should access your documentation in read-only mode, should be able to write articles but not publish them, or you want to review your content in beta.

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Intuitive peer review and publishing, versioning and rollback, internal commenting, and previews make producing content fast and easy. These two tools are aimed at similar markets, but in practice their features are completely distinct. RoboHelp and Document are customised for teams producing documentation, but really they are intended for entirely different use cases. RoboHelp is aimed at the enterprise client with a large variety of customer touchpoints and a strong need for regulatory compliance.

In contrast, Document helps you build a dedicated knowledge base for your users. While RoboHelp can be an extremely good choice for those teams looking to produce large amounts of documentation across a variety of platforms, Document is perfect for teams of any size that anticipate rapid future growth. The software allows you to continuously iterate on your documentation and provides a collaborative publishing experience on a SaaS platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Review of Adobe RoboHelp

You would then need to nominate an accompanying "screen layout" from the collection of 18 provided with RoboHelp at least 20 more can be downloaded if required! Finally, you would need to modify the cascading style sheet, or CSS more on that later. If a new pico projector becomes popular enough, Adobe will release new screen profiles and layouts with characteristics.

Staying Relevant in the Mobile Revolution

Links in the profile and layout dialog boxes allow you to quickly check online for new Adobe additions. However, while skins allow you to control the look-and-feel of the navigation elements of the tri-pane design, screen layouts allow you to define precisely how every different block will be displayed on the screen. This means you can define columns, have tables of contents in different locations, choose where the search panel and search results will display, etc.

Using as tutorial

The result of this is profound flexibility and control. The "Desktop Social" sample screen layout below provided with RoboHelp, although not pretty, shows the extent to which the layout and design can be controlled. A lot of thought has obviously gone into profile and layout configuration. HTML5 is a new version of the HTML standard with extremely rich multimedia support, and was developed to provide a better environment for mobile device apps. The downside at present is that not all desktop browsers fully support HTML5 although most mobile browsers do. The proliferation of screen resolutions and sizes has also elevated the importance of the "media" feature built into CSS many years ago.

RoboHelp 10 now provides good support for the media rules and media queries. In short, media rules allow different formatting to be defined for different reading media such as print media, TV media, screen media, etc. Media queries allow rules to be set based on the user's current screen resolution, along the lines of " if the width of the screen is less than pixels, use this 11pt text size, otherwise use 14pt ".

While this talk of single source layouts, screen profiles, screen layouts, and CSS media types might sound awfully complicated and unwieldy, these settings are typically only made once, and for the entire life of your project are selected by name in a dialog box. The multi-screen output opens up many opportunities for publishing to configurations beyond the old tri-pane design, for some authors two other outputs will be even more important.

Version 10 introduces the ability to publish content as native mobile apps for Android or iOS , and further develops eBook output options to include Kindle. Generating these types of output is as trivial as any of the single-source layouts, which is as it should be. The work in developing single-sourced documents should be in the writing, not in the generation. It allows the Help author to produce a PDF version of the project suitable to send to reviewers and subject matter experts. The reviewing features in the free Adobe Reader not just the fully-fledged Adobe Acrobat allow comments to be added, and deletions, insertions and edits to be marked up.

The reviewed PDF document can then be re-imported into RoboHelp, with callouts, insertions, deletions, replacements and sticky notes all converted into tracked changes in RoboHelp. This very slick feature seems impossible, but uses metadata in the generated PDF to provide the association between the words and paragraphs in the PDF with their source in the RoboHelp project.

This operates in a similar way to Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. Track Changes works better in a source-control environment such as that offered by RoboSource which is still bundled as part of the standard RoboHelp product. Another PDF Review change in version 10 is support for conditional text and dropdown text. One of the strengths of RoboHelp is the authoring interface itself.

While there are some aspects that new users take a while to get used to, an experienced user can work very quickly and efficiently. Provided you use the features the way they are intended to be used, RoboHelp lets you concentrate on the task of writing by separating the formatting into separate presentation layer files. These presentation layer components include master pages once known as templates , CSS files, skins, and the aforementioned screen layouts and profiles. The "bread and butter" work remains crafting words, sentences and paragraphs, which you accomplish using a refreshingly simple editor.

Adobe RoboHelp - Quick Guide

While there are no spectacular new features in RoboHelp 10, there are scores of improvements across the entire breadth of the product. Different existing RoboHelp users will appreciate different improvements. For me, the best improvements have been allowing user-defined variables such as product names to be used in topic titles and index entries, and the addition of a code-based CSS editor to supplement the existing visual editor. The new code CSS editor has colour-coded text with "smart auto-completion" and validation.

The ease of use of the basic features of RoboHelp is such that it can lull new users into thinking that training is not necessary.

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  • This is almost always a mistake, because some enormously time-saving features such as variables and snippets, or the reporting options may be overlooked. For authors working in a SharePoint environment, the new integration in version 10 will be a godsend. Firstly, SharePoint can now be used for version control of RoboHelp content. You can alternatively continue to use the RoboSource product, still shipped with RoboHelp 10, for source control, or any other Microsoft SCC-compliant version control system.

    Content can also be reviewed using the SharePoint workspace. If you use the Resource Manager to re-use content across different RoboHelp projects, that content too can be controlled with SharePoint. Finally, Web-based output can be generated and published natively to SharePoint, with a. Willam van Weelden 11th April at am. Please check: Sprinkle some Google Fonts into your projects. Does this help you? Your email address will not be published.

    Continue shopping. Note : Many fonts have licenses forbidding you to redistribute them in this way. If you want to use this method, make sure you have the required licenses. There are also online provides whose fonts you can embed. Or see our post on using Google Fonts. Click Install to add the font to your computer.