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To Catriona, Richard is a breeding male and that's about it.

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Until events force her to start changing her views. Catriona was brought up to believe she was The Chosen One, her word is law. As such, she sees herself almost omniscient and Right, irreplaceable. On re-reading all the issues with their relationship become glaring.

Stephanie Laurens on THE UNTAMED BRIDE

That's an apology? And her superior, Catriona, takes that as fine?!? They were pretty much non-existent, especially given their existence was the decider to their marriage. And I think Richard could do a lot better. Ives, Aug Feb 17, Gogol rated it did not like it. Do you know that the hero in this book is the result of an illicit affair between the duke and another woman, only four years after his marriage? Jul 14, Ilze rated it it was ok Shelves: stephanie-laurens.

This was an interesting read, but there are too many problems with it to give it a higher rating. The main problem is the characters: they just aren't human beings. The good guys Catriona, all the Cynsters are all flawless super-humans, the bad guys are all caricatures.

Cynster Novels

For me, a romance just doesn't work unless the characters, including the secondary characters, but especially the main ones, are actual humans, with flaws, self-doubt, and are capable of making mistakes, even huge ones. The del This was an interesting read, but there are too many problems with it to give it a higher rating. The delight in a romance for me is seeing the characters work through their flaws and realize their errors, not perform super-human deeds, to finally get their romantic reward. Unless performing a super-human deed is something totally unexpected of them and the result of overcoming a flaw or weakness e.

So - Stephanie Laurens' characters just don't cut it. Other problems are the piling on of the melodrama the fire, the poisoning without a real resolution for any of them, Helena being a rip-off of Leonie's character in Georgette Heyer's These Old Shades and Devil's Cub, the complete mishmash of "Lady" worship or whatever it was supposed to be, the fact that Richard could show up in the Vale and instantly speak perfect Gaelic because there is no way that the people of the Vale, with their way of life, would have used English or even Scots and on and on.

Jul 27, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: re-read , romance-read , read-in Re-read While I love Catriona and her spunkiness, this is probably my least favorite book in the Cynster series. I usually skip this one when I do re-reads. I decided to read it this time around since it had been so many years since I had read it.

Scandal's Bride : Number 3 in series

I have no clue if I'll ever read it again. Apr 28, Bianca marked it as dnf.

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Got a headache trying to force myself to read it Hated the heroine, she was so arrogant and full of herself. Also I am just not into all the witchy stuff.. I find it silly. Jun 08, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. I started this book several months ago and just couldn't get into it.

A couple of things bothered me This isn't a big deal normally and clearly not Richard's fault, however, the knowledge that he is the Duke's second son and that the Duke and Duchess of Ives are featured in book 7. I don't care if Richard's dad cheated on his stepmom, but I do care that the author chose to feature the couple in a prequel to the series.

Not my idea of the proper HEA for a historical romance or any romance for that matter. I'm a fan of the supernatural, but in the middle of a historical regency romance series It felt weird and out of place. So, I put this book down after a few pages months ago and picked it up again recently.

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I have all of these Stephanie Laurens books in my TBR pile and since I don't like to read out of order, I decided to give this book another go. I'm so glad that I did. I absolutely loved Richard. He is the epitome of the strong, aggressive, take no prisoners male who, once he sets his sites on the heroine, will have her at any cost.

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He's hot and the love scenes in this book will singe your fingertips, guaranteed! Catriona is seriously attracted to Richard, but she knows he is the exact opposite of the kind of man she should marry. As the Lady of the Vale, she has to be the dominate spouse in a relationship, and she knows Richard cannot let her take the reins in their marriage. Although she has been told by her spiritual deity "The Lady" that Richard will father her children, Catriona knows that a marriage between them can't work. She devises a plan to drug him, have her way with him, and then erase the event from his memory.

She will get pregnant and he will never know what happened. Sounds like a plan, but you know what they say about the best laid plans Richard and Catriona do eventually get married in part due to a weird clause in Catriona's guardian's will. That's the excuse for the marriage, but knowing Catriona and Richard for the strong characters that they are, they would have married with or without the will's interference.

This just sped up the process. Once I wrapped my head around the supernatural elements, I really enjoyed this book. One unique feature is that it's the first book that I've read where the heroine owns the house and land and she brings her groom home after they're married. You get to see the hero as the outsider and watch him attempt to make a place for himself in the household where his wife is in charge.

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  6. Richard does struggle to find his place and to feel needed by his wife, but his struggle is in finding a way to share his knowledge and expertise without making her feel dominated. The author could have made Richard seem wimpy when placing him in this situation, but he is so sure of himself as a man that he never comes across that way. One final thing I enjoyed is reading about the characters from previous books. The Cynsters from books one and two played quite a large role in the second half of this book, so I would recommend reading Devil's Bride and A Rake's Vow before reading Scandal's Bride.

    Scandal's Bride

    I'm also eternally grateful that everyone in the book with the exception of the Cynster cousins called Richard by his given name and didn't use his ridiculous nickname Scandal as in "The Scandal That Never Was". I do love a long book, but in this case some of it just felt like filler. View 1 comment. I couldn't make myself like this book, it was so wrong on so many levels I like strong women but I expect respect and equality between partners, always and especially in romance novels.

    It does get better near the end but I gave up, it was frustrating, boring and not at all what I expected since I read the first two novels in the series Sep 26, Whitney rated it really liked it Shelves: borrowed-from-the-library , historical-regency , read-in But I loved Catriona and her strength. Scandal was the typical Cynster so I liked him. The story itself was different. A lot of "The Lady" mentions which was ok but overly used.

    Scandal's Bride (Cynster #3) – Lovely Ever After Book Rental

    My real issue with the story was the lack of communication between the two to drive a wedge of misunderstanding between them. It was a crutch to add angst to the drama. That kind of stuff drives me a little crazy. This book was such a waste of time OH WHY..

    Fun sexy read Lauren's can be relied on to deliver an entertaining story. Catriona and Richard Cynster make an interesting couple, one a witch the other a bastard son travel a hard road to find their true feelings. A delightful story in the Cynster series. This was about a 3.